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    my domain controller and exchange servers are hosted in windows sbs server 2008. it is located in some other location. from branch office i am able to ping the SBS server. but client machines and outlook are not connecting to DC and exchange server.

    if i am connected vpn i am able to access the dc and exchange server. please help me to fix the issue



    How are the clients normally connecting from the Branch office to the SBS?
    Has it worked – if so, what has changed?
    Are you pinging by name or IP?


    in watchguard firewall enabled PPP Protocal for communicating my SBS server. i am able to ping with ip from branhoffice.


    and my domain name and exchange server address are different. my domain name format like abc-def.local and exchange server address abc.com.


    The addresses are fine – Exchange normally uses a different email domain to the AD domain

    I’m not familiar with WatchGuard – presumably you have one at each end (branch and main office), but what provides name resolution (and IP addresses) in the branch office?
    I am also assuming the branch office computers are domain members, but can you confirm it?
    (In fact, if you can do a little diagram showing some IP ranges etc that would help a lot

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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