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    I hope that discussing Twitter is not a subject banned here. The last time a Tried to open another account on Twitter I was bombarded to follow umpteen people etc, I do not know asking me to follow them. How can I open account without being initially pestered to follow anyone. I already have an old account but a friend has taken it over for Amateur Radio which I do not object. .


    I personally avoid Twitter (I claim not to be a Twit) and lump it with most other social media as a way of getting as much saleable information from you before they get found out. Being “bombarded” probably follows on from either sharing your email address book with them or, if you didn’t do that, them trying to connect you to anyone with a similar name, similar characteristics or who may have your sign-up email in their (shared) address book.

    Remember, no-one does anything for free, so if someone is offering a “free” service, what are they getting from you they won’t tell you about!


    Actually the problem only occurred when I tried to open another Twitter account with a different email address and username. I was then pestered to follow umpteen silly people etc. while opening the account. So I promptly closed it that took some 30 days.

    I do use FB to promote my daily pages on my site and it is interesting to see a group to all Old Boys once at except I left in around 1958 most of the others left years later.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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