*.trn files in "Backup" folder

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    Please forgive my ignorance…

    I have a folder named “backup”, on the C drive of a SQL server that is in production. I did not put this folder there. In this folder are 32GB of .trn files.

    What I need to know is this: Can I delete the oldest of those files? (About 8GB worth between 11/15 and 2/16. This would considerably help me in my space issues on that server.

    I’ve gone into SQL manager and shrunk the log files but that appears to do nothing.

    I’m not fluent in SQL at all so any help would be great.


    Files with a .trn extension are database transaction log backup files. You should probably determine if they’re needed according to your SQL Server recovery needs. Additionally, the database transaction logs don’t get backed up automatically, which means you have a SQL backup job running that is creating the .trn files. You should review that to make sure it is meeting your needs.


    Remember for SQL point-in-time recovery, you need
    a) the most recent (differential) backup file
    b) all the (incremental) log files backed up since then


    Late last night I spoke with an SQL wizard and he basically told me the same things. I’m going to review my backup jobs and see if I can make appropriate changes to them.

    I swear, my backups are going as well as North Korea’s ballistic missile tests…

    I got rid of about 10GB of files last night (Up to May 1, 2016) which shouldn’t effect any restore jobs that may come up. I also have snapshots of the servers should my file backups fail or prove to be of no use.

    As always, thank you guys for the responses!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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