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    So, on my Win 10 Pro desktop, I have a Radeon AMD RX460 graphics card powering two monitors and my motherboard has an extra two video ports. On occasion, I have a requirement for three monitors and I wonder if anyone knows a way to do that? The card also has a DisplayPort on it so, if that’s the way forward, I could buy the appropriate cable or adapter.

    I know it is possible with a two port card, since I used to have three but my video card was an nVidia, though I can’t remember what kind.

    Any suggestions?



    Does each of the on-board graphic share the same channel as the Radeon video card? The on-board video port was disabled when the AGP or PCI Express slot was used by a plug in card. You will need to research what your motherboard does when an external card is used. If you can’t find anything, post the motherboard make and model and I will see if the Google Foo is with me.

    James Haynes

    your video card is capable of supporting the 3 monitors you have. accoring to the manufacturer:
    [TABLE=”cellspacing: 0″]
    [TD]​Up to 5 displays with DisplayPort MST hub[/TD]

    but assuming you dont have the DP hub (why would you? i dont have one of them and i have everything. boo.) then the most you can support natively is 3 they say..

    this also assumes that you have the correct voltage available for the card in the first place. if your voltage is not correct, its not at all uncommon to see shut-downs whenever d3d kicks in on the 3rd or 4th display. you will have lots of random shut downs and power issues with lots of “the last shutdown was unexpected” in your eventvwr logs.


    Thx Biggles, James,

    I’ve just ordered a DisplayPort to HDMI lead off eBay which, as you say, should work directly off the card.

    The third “monitor” is actually a TV and, interestingly, I have discovered that it does screen mirroring so I also bough a cheap USB wireless dongle so I can play with that. Screen mirroring isn’t what I want though since that duplicates rather than extends.

    Thx guys


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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