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    Hey Peeps.

    I have ran into a particularaly annoying issue, i cannot raise the function level of my Domain to “Windows Server 2008”

    The error i recieve is;

    “The Function Level Could not Be raised: The Server is unwilling to process the request”

    so i checked the logs,

    Active Directory Domain Services failed to raise the functional level of the domain or forest because the following domain controller is at a lower functional level.

    Object (forest or domain):
    NTDS Settings object of domain controller:
    CN=NTDS Settings,CN=LostAndFoundConfig,CN=Configuration,DC=shj,DC=co,DC=uk”

    All i can think of is a few months ago i was unable to DCPROMO remove an old 2003 DC after a transition to 2008, so i manually removed it and performed a metadata clean up and removed all entries for the old DC from DNS _msdsc and AD snap-in etc, the rest of the DC’s are 2008, we have 2003 Members but no 2003 DC’s, one of our 2003 DC we performed a 2008 Upgrade on the others where fresh servers installed with 2008 and roles moved over.

    maybe something is lingering?

    I performed a dcdiag /e /v /c /fix and outputed to a file.

    Teh main error that is relative to my problem is;

    Starting test: VerifyEnterpriseReferences
    The following problems were found while verifying various important DN
    references. Note, that these problems can be reported because of
    latency in replication. So follow up to resolve the following
    problems, only if the same problem is reported on all DCs for a given
    domain or if the problem persists after replication has had
    reasonable time to replicate changes.
    [1] Problem: Missing Expected Value
    Base Object:
    Base Object Description: “Server Object”
    Value Object Attribute: serverReference
    Value Object Description: “DC Account Object”
    Recommended Action: This could hamper authentication (and thus
    replication, etc). Check if this server is deleted, and if so
    clean up this DCs Account Object. If the problem persists and
    this is not a deleted DC, authoratively restore the DSA object from
    a good copy, for example the DSA on the DSA’s home server.”

    i have attatched the full 47 page txt file if anyone is interested etc.

    im working on this at the moment, so hopefully while in researching myself maybe someone else could shed some light?


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