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    I work in a support center and we have had an increasing number of calls from xp users that are experiencing “dns resolving issues”. The fix the works 99.9% of the time with win98 is to remove the tcp/ip protocol, and delete winsock, and winsock2 from the registery and reboot, and reinstall tcp/ip protocol.
    In xp you don’t have the option to remove tcp/ip. Does anyone know how this can be done, or know of a solution to the problem? Would the netsh possibly fix this?
    We hate having to send customers to computer shops if we are able to help them and save them some money.


    Try this

    Good luck.


    For all versions of Windows 9x-ME-NT-Win2k-XP I find that using this freeware utility does a very comprehensive job of the task:

    Particularly for XP, this more comprehensively deals with a corrupted Winsock service than just deleting the registry keys and/or using Netsh.

    Bill Castner

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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