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    I’m trying to disable the Customize Button in the Start Menu Tab. I was able to disable the Customize Button On the Taskbar Tab.


    My goal is to not allow users to put administrative tools on their start menu.

    I created a GPO in the User Config>Control Panel>Start Menu, i’m able to disable it that way. But i had to Disable “disable customizing browser toolbar buttons” so they would be able to use the auto hide because of the software we use. But this allows them to access the Customize Button in the Start Menu Tab, even with the GPO denying the Administrative Tools. If i could disable the Customize Button On the Taskbar Tab, there has to be a way to disable that. Spending hours of playing around with it, no success.

    Also , same amount of time spent trying to unhide the battery for the laptops. The Remove the battery meter, gpo didn’t work, even pushed out the registry key as well suggested on https://www.top-password.com/blog/fix-battery-icon-missing-from-windows-10-taskbar/. That didn’t work either

    Any Ideas.



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    1. So you want to allow them to change the Start Menu but not add specific items?

    2. Are you trying to hide the battery icon or show it? The GPO you have linked is for unhiding it.

    Kobe 310

    Thanks for responding wullieb1


    It probably would have helped :( if i mentioned  this is for window 7 and 10. Mostly 7. i’m not that familiar with 10 yet.

    I have a gpo attached to users for a TS, that has worked well for years, but I’m starting to add desktops and laptops to the Domain, and finding some issues. I’ve created OU’s for each department, withing the department ou i have department users and department computers. i have gpo’s for mapped drives, logoff shortcuts to the desktop that apply , printers, only specific items in control panel..no problem.

    I spent 9 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday upgrading to office 2016 and adding computers to the domain. Went to the office Monday morning all hell broke loose complaining  about the battery icon nissing, and unable to hide the taskbar, and not shutdown button. They use a software in which the taskbar covers important buttons.

    ……They are inheriting the gpo from the TS and i have shutdown, taskmanager, restart hidden. I’m assuming i may have to block inheritence to the gpo, and do a diffrent one wich i have been testing

    So as of right now, i only want them to be able to auto hide the taskbar, and to see the battery meter, and shutdown, and restart. They also mentioned the Win +L  doesn’t work either…… Basically i don’t want them to have access to anything a administrator would want them to have access to.

    vmware folder, administrative tools, cmd, powershell. For the battery i created a test ou and blocked all inheritance, did gpoupdate on both ends, and when i logged in as the user, no batter icon, but if i logged in as admin, it showed, really confused about that.


    If you had a better suggestion i’m very welcome to it!!!!!!!









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    Do a gpresult and a RSOP which will tell you what the winning GPO’s for that user are and from there you can start to debug the issues.

    Where is your TS GPO applied?? Is it applied at the domain level or the OU level?

    Have a read through this as well so you get an understanding of the GPO application and the fact that the settings applied in the GPO are cumulative, each GPO that is applied basically adds to the settings that are applied from previous GPOs.


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