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    We havea few barcode gun MC9090 at the shipping, which there is a strange problem. When you press the button button to put screen at sleep, when you bring it back, wireless disconnect, see this video:

    Anyone seens this problem? I can’t find any power option for wireless into the phone. It has Windows CE 5.0. We can work with the screen always on, but it draw the battery :/

    Thanks for any help! :beer:


    Re: Symbol MC9090 Wireless problem

    Well, I maybe posted a bit fast, I think the red button is not only if you keep it to shutdown, it’s a sleep mode.

    I found that you can Shutdown the backlight, when not using it.

    Solved! I feel stupid right now haha. I’ll get vacation.


    Re: Symbol MC9090 Wireless problem

    No reason for you to feel stupid. You should actually feel quite pleased with yourself for resolving your problem and then posting back here to share it with others in our Community.

    We really do appreciate it when solutions are shared so Thank You!! Well done. :beer: :beer:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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