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    As the title states I’m looking for some recommendations to create a storage server for, of course, as little $$ as possible. A couple of weeks ago I got the approval to generate a proposal for additional network storage. We aren’t a huge company but I will have 30-50 users hammering the machine with typically small excel, word, some larger CAD drawings etc. I’ve looked into some dedicated NAS appliances like the Promise NS4300N, but to me for its price tag I could build a winserv2k3 box with a Dual core, 2-4 GB RAM, sata raid for about the same price. Am I mistaken? I am in the US so Newegg, Tiger are usually my hardware vendors/price reference. Some specific questions I have are as follows: Would an on-board NIC be able to handle the data traffic? Would on-board RAID be adequate/reliable? I would like to use this box to do nightly backups also. I look foreward to any input given.


    Re: Storage server recommendation/config

    it all depends on the importance of data you have there. if the data is important, you should never save on disk and raid controller quality. SAS drives are typically build for 24/7 performance, while non server/raid specific editions of SATA are not. Same for controllers.

    also, if you are building the server instead of buying an appliance, do consider going for a brandname system, instead of building a PC from scratch.

    to cut costs, have a look at OpenFiler instead of Windows 2003.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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