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    Under Virtual Machine Startup and Shutdown options, if I have a guest startup delay set at 60, does that mean it will
    1) wait 60 seconds and then start, or
    2) start and then wait 60 seconds until the next guest starts



    Re: Startup and Shutdown Delay

    Assuming it is the same as HyperV it will start 60 seconds after the Host completes starting (or possibly the VM service starts)


    Re: Startup and Shutdown Delay

    You mean this:


    Re: Startup and Shutdown Delay

    The link provided shows how to set the automatic startup options, but nowhere can I find an explanation of what the delays actually mean. You’d think the vSphere documentation would have an explanation, and it does elaborate on the automatic startup/shutdown options, but their explanations don’t make any sense to me. For example:

    • If you want to allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically, click the check box at the top of the dialog box and enter a time in seconds for the default startup delay and the default shutdown delay.
    • If you want the operating system to start after a brief delay, specify a delay time in the Default Startup Delay box. This allows time for VMware Tools or the booting system to run scripts.
    • Click the check box if you want the operating system to boot immediately after VMware Tools starts.

    If I’m understanding the concepts correctly, VMware Tools is a set of utilities/drivers that runs on the guest VM in order to facilitate communication between the ESXi host and the VM. If that’s true, then how could it be possible for VMware Tools or the booting system (guest VM, I’m assuming) to run anything, scripts or otherwise, BEFORE the guest OS is even booted?

    I’m asking because I thought I had configured the automatic startup/shutdown parameters correctly, but now and then after a reboot of the host OS (ESXi 5), the guest machines are reporting an unexpected shutdown.

    Can someone shed light on what these auto startup/shutdown parameters actually affect, and perhaps give a real-world example with some VMs that take more than a few minutes to boot up? (One of our guest machines is an SBS 2011 box, which takes a fair amount of time to shut down or start up since it’s got Exchange, SharePoint, etc. all running)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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