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    Hi all

    We are placing a new Hyper V solution in for a customer. They don’t have a domain and have been using a workgroup up to now.

    We have a new single Dell server with Hyper V installed (non domain) and running Windows Server 2012 Essentials as a guest (this is on a new domain and set as dc,dns and dhcp)

    I have created the networking for the guest on a external switch to allow components outside of the host to chat with the host and guest. And the Dell has two NIC’s one for Host management and one for the guests/external switch.

    My questions are this ….

    Is an external switch the best method to use in this situation?

    The DNS servers set up on each NIC via the host server configuration are as follows, primary is the IP address of the ISP’s router and secondary is the primary ISP’s DNS server. I hope this makes sense. I just wondered again is this the best setup ? And do the DNS settings sound reasonable for both NIC’s?

    Feel free to shoot me down or comment.



    Re: Standalone Hyper V Server Setup

    The 2 NICs on the Dell will work fine for the host and guest comms; if there are separate VLANs in use, then as long as the physical switch handles L3 traffic (routing) and it’s got gateways for the VLANs, no probs.

    As for DNS: if you’re setting up a domain with integrated DNS that’s hosted by the guest’s OS install, ALL your DNS should point at THAT ip, never the ISP. Your DNS should use the ISP’s DNS as a forwarder, but all your clients should use your DNS only!

    That way, your DNS answers for all of your domain services/members/DHCP clients, and anything it doesn’t know about it will get answers from the ISP DNS. That’s called recursive lookups.


    Re: Standalone Hyper V Server Setup

    Thanks Rickles but maybe I wasn’t clear. This is the only server on the network.
    So it will be doing the dns for the clients etc. I was thinking more the dns on the nics as in essence they on the hyper v host and not on the domain.


    Re: Standalone Hyper V Server Setup

    If the host has to connect to any of the VMs across the local network, it’ll have to use your local DNS to do it. The DNS at your ISP won’t hold any records of your internal architecture, so they can’t answer queries.

    Assuming your DNS is set to secure updates only, the host server can’t register it’s own record in DNS, but you can create a record manually, so that other PCs can find that host’s ip. As for lookups, the DNS server will answer any lookup request that comes in, unless you tell it not to. So why not have your environment less complex and have every internal DNS client talk to the single DNS server you hold? Lot less admin overhead, that way.

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