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    I’m looking for recommendations on a book for SQL database administration. At work I have had sql sort of dropped on me. Its sql 2008 but I’m wondering if a book on sql 2016 will be fine for me in case I want to write the exam? My main objective is to learn as much as I can to give my self the skills for database administration at work but I’d like to have the option to write the Microsoft exam if I so decide.
    I’ve worked in IT as a systems administrator since 1996. I have had little exposure to sql.


    Microsoft FREE eBooks. Since free is always good, have a look at the link posted. There are several SQL ebooks the Microsoft has published. Somewhere on this Forum there is another post I made with free ebooks and it includes SQL 2008 and from memory it is an updated SQL 2008 publication.

    Pluralsight have video tutorials that may be of use and they have a 10 day FREE trial so you can try before you buy. Again it may be of use or it may not. YouTube has a lot of SQL videos as well.


    There have been some changes from 2008 to 2016 – the basics of administration are the same but there have been big improvements in e.g. High Availability options, which spin off into the rest of the product.

    IM(NS)HO, get materials and training for the product you are using – by all means look at later versions, but be careful to separate what you can do from wishful thinking!

    If you are taking the exam, get the evaluation product and work with it – the MS press books generally guide you through the syllabus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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