SQL 2000 Disaster Recovery

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    I have my SQL Server 2000 with SP4 running on Windows 2000 OS.
    This database is maintained by vendor and I am not a database expert. I have been asked to upgrade the OS to Windows 2003/SP2.
    It seems like Server 2000 with SP4 is compatible with Windows 2003. But beofre the actual upgrade as a worst case scenario, I would like to take the full backup of SQL 2000. So I have taken the full backup of all the databases under management–> Database maintainance Plans.
    Do I need to perform any other tasks to recover the server in case the OS upgrade fails? I need to make sure that I have everything to recover the SQL server from the scratch.
    Appreciate your reply.


    Re: SQL 2000 Disaster Recovery

    First off, read Technet about backup and restore for Sql 2000. There are many things to be considered. Like, what’s the recovery model? If not simple, you need to back up transaction logs too. Remember to backup the system, model and msdb databases too. Script logons so that you can re-create them into the new sysem.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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