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    I want to use this thread as a place where the BWW team can communicate with Petri readers/contributors about the status of known issues and pending improvements to the forums and the site as a whole.

    If you see something, say something.  Please report any issues you come across here on our Support Page.  This will route the ticket to our support staff where it will then be routed to our development staff if that is warranted.

    Last Update: 10/30/2018

    Current Known Issues

    • Currently no way to upload new avatars.
      This functionality is anticipated to be released this week
    • Users are reporting an issue with the “remember me” feature of log in.
    • Freshness” is way off.
      It appears that this freshness value is incorrectly being based off the age of the forum itself rather than the age of the last post.

    Enhancements we’re working on

    • Super sticky and sticky posts are not identifiable beyond their sticky location.  We will be adding some sort of highlight or other indication that a post has been stuck to the top of a forum by admins/mods
    • There is no native “quote” functionality.  We will implement a solution of our own for this.
    • We are actively rethinking the forum structure as some of the content is out of date (if you’re a mod reading this, please head to the moderator forum to chime in)
    • Social Log-in & Registration – We have the capability to log in and register with social accounts.  We are waiting on some validation of API keys with two of our platforms. Once we are able to finalize that set up this will go live.
    • Log-in / Registration prompts should be prominent on the forums if a user is not logged in
    • More user information in the profile pane of posts
      There is an opportunity to share more information on a user when they post topic (account age, # of threads, # of posts, etc)
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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