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    I truly detest Sharepoint. Not because it is bad at what it does, because it does that very well. I hate it because EVERY TIME I need to install it, the installation fails. Every. Single. Time. I then waste hours troubleshooting it.

    After another failed installation (it said it installed successfully, but none of the pages will launch), I am looking for alternatives to the search feature. It is just the search function I need.

    Does anyone have experience with other search applications and could recommend one, please?

    Many thanks!


    What version of SharePoint are you using?

    Have you considered SP Online – a lot less configuration and stress?


    Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

    We had two versions of SharePoint in use. I have been using it since SharePoint Services 3 (a nightmare to install and then fix – twice, especially when I discovered my backups were useless because the name applied was a default ‘startup’ name, which could not be restored because it was the same as the default name applied to all new installations, and that site name can not be changed – WTF!!). The next version we used, because the server it was installed on was replaced, was SharePoint 2013. After cleaning up the post-installation mess the search function failed to work and backups were taking 45mins. After a lot of faffing around and removing the search function under the guidance of a SP guru, backups took less than 5mins. This was when I installed Search Server 2010 Express on a separate server, and the installation was a lot easier than I was expecting. However, this suddenly stopped working, hence the reinstall.

    Our usage is simple. We use SharePoint 2013 Express as a basic website. It is used to host policies, how-to’s, useful links etc. It does not manage our live data. The Search Server installation was used to trawl approx 650GB of archived data, and was extremely useful for research.

    SharePoint 2013 is still functional (minus the search function) so I am happy with that. It is the search element I would like to replace. As we are a charity, cost is everything. I did actually submit a cost/assessment for migrating over to Office 365 Business Premium earlier this week, so was looking at SharePoint online but the feature request that triggered this could be easily addressed more cheaply by using G-Suite instead.

    I understand that SharePoint is a great application when up and running, but I shudder to think how much time I have spent on forums etc., fixing wonky installations (perhaps I’m simply jinxed when it comes to SharePoint). Whilst the online flavour is attractive, the thought of a local installation to trawl our archived data fills me with dread.

    I am, therefore, hoping to find a comparable alternative.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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