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    Robert R.

    environment: Exchange 2003 Enterprise running on Windows 2003 Standard

    4 mailbox stores + 1 public folder store on a single 700 GB SAN volume

    mailbox store 1: 330 GB
    mailbox store 2: 260 GB
    mailbox store 3: 80 GB
    mailbox store 4: 20 GB
    public folder store: 2 GB

    The log files are on a separate volume (G:Exchsrvrmdbdata) than the mailbox stores (E:Exchsrvrmdbdata)

    Since we’re going to be expanding our SAN volume for the mailbox stores (hopefully next week), I was wondering if

    (1) it is possible to create a separate volume for each mailbox store. It seems like it would simply be a matter of putting the .edb and .stm for each mailbox on a separate volume, and configure the location in the Mailbox Store Properties in Exchange System Manager. Is there any reason why this can’t, or shouldn’t, be done?

    (2) if not prohibited, what are the pros and/or cons to keeping each mailbox store on a separate volume?


    Re: Separate Volumes for Mailbox Stores ?

    I can think of two reasons this would be a good idea:

    1. Availability: If one volume goes down it only affects users whose mailbox store is on that volume, not all users.

    2. Performance: I don’t know what your current performance is like, but Exchange 2003 is notorious for exacting a heavy disk I/O toll. Separating the mailbox stores on to separate volumes (assuming the volumes are on separate physical LUN’s or Arrays) should give you a big performance boost, especially for mailbox stores that large.


    Re: Separate Volumes for Mailbox Stores ?

    If you are moving the data around, do it all through ESM. Don’t move the data then try and adjust ESM later – that will simply cause problems.

    Create the new location, then move the data in one hit – through ESM.



    Re: Separate Volumes for Mailbox Stores ?


    As a best practice brk down your stores into 100GB edb files by moving users to new information stores or different information stores

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