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    Hi all,

    I think I may be missing something here but here goes.

    We have one domain with a exchange 2003 enterprise server in which is starting to flag so I have created a second server with in the domain and started to move a couple boxes over and that worked ok but I am having an issue sending mail between the two servers.

    I can send email out ok but nothing will come in and i get a bounce message saying “This could indicate a mail loop”

    I dont need to run the dcpromo stuff as there is already a exchange 2003 serve in the domain? Long term I want to move everything over to the new one and remove the first server. I have looked at which looks fine for the removal but I cannot get the mail to flow through the new one.

    I think I must have missed something vital during the setup of the second exchange box.

    Can anyone help me?



    Re: Second Email Server not receving mail

    At first I would check if the old server can telnet the new one at port 25 (vice versa would be a good idea too), this is to make sure that no firewall or anti-virus software ist blocking that incoming port.

    The second thing is to check the vritual SMTP server at your first server, maybe there is a smarthost configured, This would mean that all mail from the old server will use this smarthost which most likely mean that the second server will get no mail from the old server.

    The third thing is the configuration of the FQDN in the virtual SMTP server, make sure that both listed names gets successfull resolved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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