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    newbie to server
    i have scoured the web and am getting conflicting information, do i need to add the second dc to the domain before running dcpromo, also will the second dc be a like for like copy of the first so if a goes off be will take over


    I generally do add to the domain first – I don’t think it is required, though
    Yes, in AD all DCs are equal* so if one is not available another will take over. Assuming DNS is on the DCs, DNS will be replicated as well

    *I’m not going into FSMOs here – that is a lengthy piece of research in its own right.


    i haqve don dcprom on secon all ok apart from if primmary dc of and secondary running no one can connec to net , tried to import dhcp from primary and get theis error Error while importing subnet “coolc scope.” This subnet already exists on the local server.


    You can’t replicate an entire DHCP scope between servers. Try configuring a split scope instead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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