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    Hi All,

    We have a 2008 R2 server running SCCM 2012 SP1… We would like to move to a 2016 server so thought about doing a clean install of SCCM and some how migrating the data over.

    I thought about upgrading to 1606 on the 2008 server and some how migrating to the clean install SCCM 1606 version on the 2016 server.

    We are looking to not have to redo everything all over again from scratch.

    Is there some sort of migration path to the new 2016 server we can take???


    As I recall (but please check) one option is to introduce a suitable sccm 2016 (I believe v1511) server into your environment and gradually migrate over (however I think this may require an upgrade to 2012R2 first) Alternatively you may decide there is enough legacy crap in your current environment to make it worth setting up a parallel 2016 organisation, moving packages as required and throwing away whatever you don’t want.

    If we knew more about the size of your infrastructure, more appropriate answers might emerge

    [EDIT} Check


    Right now our sccm server is currently underused… It is mostly used to push out antivirus and remoting into machines. It’s a small school district several hundred PCs mostly, some servers. I did notice that there is a migration tool. What if I set up 2016 server with latest sccm and then use migration tool to pull things over from the old sccm server?


    Yeah, that would work and give you a chance to filter out what you don’t want

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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