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    Hi all, I am trying to get back in the game after a bit of an absence, I am still pretty clued up on Windows, Also SBS with Exchange. I have a client who is looking to move to SMTP on their SBS2008 server away from pop3 connector etc. I am aware of asking the isp to set up a catch all email in case they lose connection with the Internet due to power outage which they sometimes suffer from. Any advice and tips on where to look for setup instructions etc as I am looking to do this remotely if possible for them. There are a few users with iPhones/iPads and laptops along with a single server. They are on BT Fibre now.

    Thanks in advance.


    Bump, anyone??


    Will they be using Exchange or the builtin SMTP service??

    If the later then i would start here.


    Thanks I’ll have a look at that, I was going to use the Exchange part of SBS, any recommendations?


    Catch alls are a very, very bad idea, and you can find plenty of documentation on why all over the net.

    If your outages are short then you aren’t going to lose any mail, IIRC the default retry period is 4 days or something like that. However if you are wooried about such things, it’d be better IMO to use an email continuity service which will also give you anti-spam protection too. GFI MaxMAIL is one I used a lot, it used to be around £1 per mailbox per month in the UK.


    Thanks for the reply, the outages are normally a few hours sometimes a day depending on weather, so basically if the emails retry for 4 days then I don’t see any reason for the catch all box which is good. Any good resource sites for setup details your aware off? Thanks


    Also, I am looking to change the primary domain to a different company name, I believe this is possible but is there anyway to check the links between the services are all working? Thanks


    TechieT1967, would suggest you have a quick peruse at the Trainsignal tutorial (now owned by Pluralsight). I think you would find the Installation video of interest and if you are a quick watcher you could watch the whole video as Pluralsight have a Free Trial so you can try before you buy. I was involved in a review of this CBT so my diminishing brain reserves do remember parts of the lab and it turned out quite good in the end. There is a nifty tool that you can use to set a fair bit of the names etc before the install starts. Can’t remember the tool name (think the tool was called Biggles77, oh wait…….) but if you don’t use it then you end up with the .local as the suffix of your Domain Name. Using it you can call the it any bloody thing you want. Product Key was another item you could added, guess it was a bit like an Answer File.

    If I can find the name of the file I will come back and post it.

    The file is SBSAfg.exe and it is located in the Tools folder on the DVD. It makes an answer file but that isn’t how I remember it. I may be mixing it up with a tool from SBS 2011. Apologies if I end up causing you any confusion. I’m blaming my medications (note the plural of that word). :mrgreen:


    Hate to throw a spanner in the works, but shouldn’t we all be planning to move away from Exchange 2007 (SBS 2008)? In 2017, Microsoft will cease supporting Exchange 2007, and (as I understand it) there will be no more security patches.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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