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    Hi guys,

    I got roaming profiles deployed using AD profile path. not using folder redirection.

    Profile all saving in a server- network shared folder. inside the folder, for each user, it has many versions. what does it mean ? why it is creating many versions ? is it ok to delete old versions ?

    For eg. for userA, there are folders like. userA.v1 , userA.v2, userA.v3

    right now drive in the server is running out of space, i need to clear some space straightaway, so is it ok to delete userA.V1 ? i mean ok to delete all versions except latest version number.

    Could anyone plz help me with this.

    Thank you


    Multiple versions are indicative of something wrong, unless you have many different versions of windows (XP vs 7 vs – IIRC – 10)
    Check the last modified dates and delete as appropriate, but also start troubleshooting WHEN they are created and thus WHY


    hi thanks for your reply. i checked few things.
    connectivity to the server where the profiles are stored is good.
    time in workstation and server same. can ping server.
    in workstation, user settings, it shows type as roaming, status as roaming. all looks good.
    could you help me, what else needs to be checked ?

    and one user has dropbox(45GB) synched to roaming profile . if i just delete the dropbox folder from server in that user profile . will it affect dropbox in workstation ? is it safe to delete just the dropbox alone in profile folder for that user ?


    What I am suggesting you check is at what point are new profile copies created – at logon, at logoff, when using a different PC, when using a new PC…..

    As far as deleting the dropbox folder goes, remember profiles are synced to the workstation at logon, then to the server at logoff, so deleting from the server may propagate to the workstation, and if it doesn’t, the dropbox will propagate back to the server on the next logoff.

    Personally, I would only use roaming profiles combined with very robust folder redirection, so the minimum data is actually roaming rather than being stored elsewhere. If the dtopbox folder is redirectable (sorry, don’t know where in the profile it exists), redirect that to a local drive on the workstation.

    And 45Gb of dropbox – it sounds as if the user has some other issues they need to address!


    hi thanks . very helpful.
    regarding dropbox. if i delete it from server and if it propagates to workstation and deletes there also . will he lose the files in dropbox cloud as well ? or will it be deleted just in the server and workstation alone ?
    bcoz i need to free up some space straightaway. so am just thinking to delete dropbox from server for timebeing.


    Sorry, don’t use dropbox, but I assume (ass-u-me) that there is an option to NOT cache files on the PC

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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