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    First of all hello,

    Second of all i hate my brother:mad:. I have a copy of vista ultimate
    installed onto my d drive on my pc.

    I went away for a weekend and came back to a copy of xp
    which has been installed onto my c drive.

    Now everytime i load up my pc it automatically loads xp, which one
    is not at all happy about. I like xp and all, but I just wanna
    use vista at the moment.

    Any ideas if and how i can load up vista?

    If it helps, i have an acer aspire 5100 with XP installed, etc etc.

    Any advice and help would be brilliant.

    Em did i mention i hate my bro?


    Re: I am an idiot


    May I draw your attention to the forum rules which are very clearly posted at the top of every forum. In particular, rule 3, rule 4 and rule 7.

    What have you tried?

    Are the Windows Vista files still available in the partition Vista was installed into?

    Have you checked the list of available operating systems in system properties?

    Have you actually asked your brother what he did? If not, why not?


    Re: I am an idiot

    :google: bcdedit and that will allow you to edit the boot order IF Vista is still on your machine and the boot sector hasn’t been borked.

    Personally I would save the data and then reinstall Vista clean. THEN, I would put a password that you will NOT forget onto the BIOS so the machine can not be started without out entering it.

    Finally, stating the obvious as the thread title is not very helpful and we really have no interest in your sibling relationship. Thank you.


    Re: i am an idiot


    Thanks a lot for your help.
    And apologies for lack of professionalism in previous

    I have tried bcdedit but it seems its only for vista and windows server?

    Back to the drawing board i guess.

    Once again thanks for help and advice.



    Re: I am an idiot

    I really have to:

    [FONT=trebuchet ms, arial, helvetica]GEORGE: How could you do that?[/FONT]
    [FONT=trebuchet ms, arial, helvetica] [/FONT][FONT=trebuchet ms, arial, helvetica]JERRY: ‘Cause I’m an idiot! You may think you’re an idiot, but with all due respect – I’m a much bigger idiot than you are.[/FONT]
    [FONT=trebuchet ms, arial, helvetica] [/FONT][FONT=trebuchet ms, arial, helvetica]GEORGE: Don’t insult me, my friend. Remember who you’re talking to. No one’s a bigger idiot than me.[/FONT]


    Re: I am an idiot

    Thread title changed

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