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    I have:
    Backup Exec v11d, hot fixes installed, up to 14.
    Win 2003 standard with SP1.
    “Enable the restore of individual mail messages………” checked
    Dell PowerVault 132T tape library.

    In v10d basicaly when you want to restore you go to your mail server, click on Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, choose a date, a mailbox and you can restore whatever you want from that mailbox (top of the information store, views, shortcuts, etc).
    In v11d you have to go to Microsoft Information Store – First Storage Group – Mailbox Store, but under Mailbox Store there are no mailboxes listed.
    The way my job is setup is:
    I have “Enable the restore of individual mail messages….” checked.
    Under Tools – Options – Job Defaults – Microsoft Exchange I have not selected “Enable legacy mailbox support(not recommended)”. According to Admin Guide if you select this option you can backup individual mailboxes selectively but also according to the Guide you don’t have to do that anymore in v11d because the mailboxes are backed up with Information Store. But if I go to Information Store I don’t have the option to restore individual mailboxes or individual items under a mailbox. According to the Guide you have to restore the entire Info Store to a temp location and go from there…Is there a easy way to do that and without backing up same thing twice?
    Thank you for your help.


    Re: Restore individual mailboxes with Backup Exec v11d

    I’ve solved this a while ago, forgot to post the steps that helped me.

    1) Make sure that under properties tab of the backup job – Microsoft Exchange – you have “Enable the restore of individual….” box checked.
    2) Make sure your backup account has full admin privileges on the mail server (mailbox store, public folder store) – Exchange Full Administrator.
    If not, go to Exchange System Manager – right click on the organization – Delegate control – Go through the wizard and give your backup account exchange full admin privileges.
    3) Make sure your backup account has a mailbox.
    4) Make sure your BackUp Exec is up to date with all patches and SP’s.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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