Require Assistance with importing Excel file into SQL table (Without Excel installed)

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    First off, its nice to be back in IT… secondly, taking years off makes everything so much harder.

    Now, I need assistance with something that should be quite simple, but I have run into constant Road blocks so needed to put up a flare for help.

    I have an excel file that is generated from a 3rd party app that I have no control over, and I need to get it into a SQL table that I have very limited control over.

    Excel Table has 8 cols (StaffStudent,Surname, Firstname,Year, HomeGroup, DOB, StaffStudentID, Email, ImageName, CardKey).
    I need to import 5 cols (StaffStudentID, FirstName, Surname, DOB, Cardkey) into SQL Express.

    As I cant have Excel installed on the server, I cant use the com method, I tried PSexcel (but was unable to get it too work) and I tried ImportExcel (again, was unable to get it too work), and was hoping that I would be able to ask someone here for how they would achieve it.

    I know its not the most information, but I can achieve this with any method that can be automated and will work.

    Thank you,


    You haven’t said which version of SQL server you are using, but all should have the data import / export wizard. This should get you started:

    As it produces an SSIS package, it can be automated


    Doh, Rookie mistake on my part; Its SQL express 2014.
    I will review that guide and attempt to make a package and let you know.

    Thank you,


    It seems like you can only use SSIS if you have a full copy of SQL,



    Double check the import wizard (SSIS lite) isn’t there – I don’t have a copy of Express handy to check

    If your Excel Macro (VBA) skills are up to it, you could push from excel:
    (second accepted solution in the thread)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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