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    Hi all, excuse my possible terminology mishaps but I’ve stepped in to help the IT department until they can replace the person that left. Unfortunately the company I work for moves… slow as heck in hiring people…. :cry: so I think I may be here for a bit….

    I have about 10 or so dc’s connected via a satellite connection to our main dc’s. All my sites are working great except for one beast.

    We will call our office DC ( DC_O ) and our remote DC ( DC_R )

    I run replmon on the remote DC ( DC_R ) and can see that it’s happily replicating with the main office DC ( DC_O ). I can right click on the DC_O and click ‘Synchronize with Replication Partner’. That works great!

    I run replmon on the main office DC_O. I have a nice red X by my remote site. I can’t seem to ‘Synchronize with Replication Partner’. The error message I get is: The source domain controller is not reachable by active directory replication monitor. This may be a result of a network problem.
    – I don’t see how this can be a network problem as I am ‘RDP’d’ into the box from my main office…

    When I run repadmin /showrepl I get:
    showrepl_Error LDAP error 85 (timeout) Win32 Error 1053.

    Any ideas or suggestions – i greatly appreciate it…. :beer:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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