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    Hello everyone,

    I have a DVD which uses black and yellow subtitles, which I hate looking at.
    I used a program called DVDSubEdit to change the color from yellow to white, which is a lot nicer.
    The problem I have now is that the files on my DVD are read only and i’m not allowed to change it it seems.
    This is a problem because I’d like to use the DVD without constantly having to copy it to my PC, change the subtitles and then watch it on my PC.
    I know I could buy a new empty DVD and burn the edited files on that, but isn’t there a way to remove the read only so I don’t have to go buy a bunch of empty DVDs?
    If this is not possible do some of you maybe know of a way to edit the subtitles without having to deal with the read only thing?

    Thanks in advance,


    Assuming this is a commercial DVD, it is unlikely to be made on editable media (partly due to the cost of burning rather than pressing the DVD, and partially to prevent exactly what you are doing). If it is a home made DVD, it is more likely to be on non-rewritable media for cost reasons.


    So you’re saying that I can’t edit the subtitles on the DVD itself?


    That is exactly what he is saying.

    The DVD will be on read-only media and thus not writable too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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