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    Good evening,

    I’m wondering if someone can help me. I have inherited a Dell PowerEdge T110 II at my workplace which hosts a VM that acts as a file server holding company data. Unfortunately we do not have the root password and no way of getting it from the previously employee.

    Dell customised images of VMWARE ESXi 5.1 through to 5.5 are available from the Dell support page for the device. My question is, can I reinstall the ESXi hypervisor without losing the VM or data it holds and will the a reinstall allow me to reset the root password?

    If this is possible can someone provide me the steps to take of refer me to the a relevant article? Finally, we actually still have access to the data so would it be better to take a backup and just wipe the server and reinstall everything from scratch? Any advice would be much appreciated, please let me know if you need any more information.

    Kind regards


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    Where is the VM located? Is it on shared storage somewhere or is it local on the server?

    Here is the VMware doco that will outline that the only way to reset the password is by reinstalling the OS.

    In my professional opinion if the server is located on local storage wipe the server and go from scratch.

    *** EDIT ***

    I just found this which may help however i have not tested this so please proceed at your peril, as well as ensuring you have a backup available.

    How to Reset the ESXi Root Password

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