Rdp problem

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    i have an xp pro station that i have problem with the rdp
    i unable to connect to this station via rdp
    i check :
    the remote v is mark
    fw disable
    i connect to the pc with ipcomputer name and its fail
    the computer is in the domain
    the message is:
    remote desktop cant connect to the remote computer…..
    i need help


    Re: Rdp problem

    same one cane help me please?:grin:


    Re: Rdp problem

    On behalf of the moderators, I must apologise that no-one gave you an answer to your question within two hours. This is appalling quality of service and you really should demand a refund of your membership fee. Oh, I forgot, we don’t actually charge a fee…. :twisted:

    Please remember that all members here give up their free time to help, and there is no guarantee of a response in a given time. If you need help that urgently, I would recommend you raise a case with Microsoft Product Support Services, who will put a team of experts onto it and work with you until it is solved. They accept all major credit cards.

    As a start to troubleshoot your problem, can you connect to other PCs remotely without problems (rule out misconfiguration on the client)?
    Can you ping the problem PC by name and IP?
    Have you checked membership of the remote desktop users group?
    Have you checked RDP is on the default port 3389 (this can be modified in the registry)?

    In addition, have you ever been able to remote to this PC? If so, what changed?


    Re: Rdp problem

    from the local PC, attempt to telnet to port 3389 on the same computer.

    also check the output of netstat -nao on th elocal computer, that wil tell you if RDP is actually listening

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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