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    Trying to decide what RAID to configure….. I have 8 * HPE 2.4TB SAS 10K spinning disks. Performance is not a top priority as this server is only used to share word, excel and photo type documents.

    My first and usual direction is RAID10. But as this server is very basic, do you think RAID 6 is a good solution given the disks are 2.4TB. I have an understanding of URE when it comes to RAID rebuilds.

    What are your opinions please……?



    If, as you say, performance is second to capacity, I would not use RAID 10 (50% storage overhead).

    Personally, RAID 5 plus (if your controller supports it) a hot spare would be my preferred option. This allows an instant rebuild, whereas RAID 6 requires a drive swap to rebuild, and the capacity would be the same. If Hot Spare is not an option, RAID 5 could be an option, or RAID 6 if you prefer more redundancy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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