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    I have a domain network with AD, DHCP and DNS under win server2003. the company have 4Mbps speed internet with static public address. in branch offices of the company’s computers also have the Win XP Pro and Internet 1Mbps also with static addresses. So I want that branch officies attach to my network and use shared folders, run a program for the database. database is located on a server with the ad. also I want that users in the local network to be able to attach to the branch offices, where there are also small programs and databases used by these programs. This small database is also located on these computers.
    Therefore it is necessary to configure VPN server on the edge of my local network (one nic card will be in the local network and the other will be public and will use the internet). I have a license to win serrver 2000, and that I will install rras vpn server. Now the following questions, if I use the L2TP/IPSec tunnel protocol, how to install certificates and where to put them? if you need anything else to users from the local network database applications run on computers branch offices network, VPN client? Do I need VPN clients log into the domain as I signed up to any computer network, or you just establish a VPN connection to the north and pass through the user who posted the ad in? If users need to register a domain how to do that is. how to set that as soon as the vpn client windows raised, it will automatically launch a VPN connection?


    Re: question about vpn

    Any reason you want to use RRAS rather than creating a LAN to LAN VPN on your routers?


    Re: question about vpn

    What firewalls are you using???


    Re: question about vpn

    the ideal scenario would be to create a permanent site-to-site vpn tunnel, using something like a Cisco 877 router.
    This way, the users will not need to active the vpn, it’s just always running.. and they’ll log onto the domain automatically.

    To speed it up, you might consider adding a local file server at the remote site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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