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    Hi Everyone

    Is it possible to putty to bypass the isa Firewall

    Let me tell you my network configuration first

    i have internet access through only ISA server, that too with port number 80

    Even i cant broswse or access internet with my gateway

    only through Internet explorer i can able access the internet

    So what i want is, through putty i can bypass the traffic with port 80 and then i can

    able to access the other host for telnet,ping and other protocols etc ?????????????????

    For example telnet yahoo.com 80 ?????????????????????????


    Re: Puuty to Bypass isa

    Install the Microsoft Firewall Client and open the ports on the ISA server where needed.


    Re: Puuty to Bypass isa

    my doubt is without opening any port in firwall

    only through port 80 could i able to connect to connect

    any telnet server which is outside the network


    Re: Puuty to Bypass isa

    If you don’t want to open the ports you needed then it’s done.
    I don’t know you’re physical network setup but if you’re going to bypass you’re own firewall you’ll create a security breach.


    Re: Puuty to Bypass isa

    You can also configure putty to do ssh tunneling. That way you just tunnel through a port that is already allowed the the ISA rule set and you don’t have to worry about punching additional holes in the firewall.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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