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    Hi Everyone,

    Long time listener, first time caller. I have a strange reoccurring issue happening at a client site that I have recently taken over. The organization relies heavily on mail enabled public folders to document communications on all of their client projects. There are over 50 users following the same workflow with no issues. They add several public folders to their outlook favorites, and remove them at project completion to be replaced by folders for the latest projects they are working on.

    For most users, it works fine. The favorites sync between workstations and with OWA so they always have the same layout. But there is one user, the principal of the organization (of course!) who’s favorites list occasionally just disappears. We re-add his favorites and he’s good for a couple of months until they disappear again and need to be recreated. I see nothing in error logs that indicate a problem, and I’ve tried the few solutions I’ve found online like resetting the nav pane. Admittedly, I’m not an exchange expert and will be filing a support incident with MS shortly but wanted to check here and see if anyone else has run into this? If so, did you ever find a fix?

    We’re running Exchange 2016 Standard on Windows Server 2016 (v1607). It’s an on premises environment only. Users run Outlook 2016 and they are updated to the latest version.

    Any advice provided would be much appreciated.




    I’ve filed a support incident with Microsoft and if we solve this I will report back to share with others that experience the same.


    Hope Microsoft have a solution for you Steve. Intermittent issue are such a bastard to resolve, eh. Will be interested with the solution and Thank You for saying you will share the results with our Community. It really is appreciated. :beer: :beer:


    Cached mode problem i would assume. Seen issues with this when users have loads of folders and subfolders and they all sync.


    No luck so far, Microsoft engaged but their support is… well, up to this point we’ll give it a 3/10. I’ve tried putting the user on multiple different workstations with and without cached mode enabled but the results are the same. Strange that the same thing occurs in OWA as well. I used MFCMAPI to look at his mailbox and notice that under shortcuts there are a bunch of items in there despite the user not actually having any favorites at the moment. While those items appear in MFCMAPI they do not appear in favorites, and each of them has a corrupt entry at the home named “0x36DE000A” of type “PT_Unspecified” and a link to

    Oddly enough, the 8 items that appear under shortcuts in MFCMAPI are very old and haven’t been in favorites for a long time – but the first time this issue occurred the user lost all favorites except these 8 items. This is the fourth time it’s happened and I’m concerned about these entries. I am tempted to just delete them, but will wait on Microsoft’s engineers to provide further input first. If anyone else has ideas, I’m all ears!

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