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    After upgrading my PC from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, it is disturbing a lot. Sometimes it is automatically restarting whereas sometimes it is not starting although it is having full charged battery not only this my PC is heating up a lot and the fan is rotating very fast. Thanks in advance for your help.


    Without telling us some more details (make, model, detailed specs) about your PC, it is not possible to help at all, but given the symptoms, I would consider a wipe and reinstall of the OS, and if that doesn’t sort it, get the hardware looked at.

    Alternatively, consider an exorcism (but do not use holy water unless disconnected from the mains) :twisted:


    Hi Jacklogan,

    The problem may be associated with either a hardware or software issue.

    In my case, the problem was due to some alienware. Here is what I did and up to now, my OS is stable without any issue.

    Once you are logged in to your PC follow the below steps.

    1. Run Device Manager.
    2. Find Display adapters.
    3. Right-click on your GPU and open Properties
    4. From the Details tab, open Hardware Id and copy the first line to your wordpad or notepad
    5. Next, move on to Drivers tab and Uninstall driver.
    6. Paste the first line and search. You should see the exact name and details about the GPU you’re using.
    7. Navigate to an official drivers provider site and download proper, latest drivers.
    8. Install drivers and restart PC.

    I hope the above steps help.


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    This is often due to an item such as a graphic card not being powerful enough or not being cool enough to take the strain. Upgrading the driver will make no difference. Have a look at the card and make sure that the cooling is working – i.e. no blocked vents, the card’s fan(s) are working properly, your case is free of dust, the PSU is free of dust etc.


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