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    i am going to try my best not to cuss like a sailor during this one.

    we installed a new file server. i moved the data over this weekend. i have users who sync their documents folder. i need to point to the new file server. i can disable all syncing, then re-enable, but i do not get an option to point to the new server; the old partnership is still active and remembered, but i cannot find a way to delete that partnership.

    sync center=huge fail.

    can someone please help me, before i drive to redmond with a baseball bat.



    Re: tx, microsoft, for completely breaking offline folders…

    …..Group Policy ?

    PS.. I renamed your thread a little :)


    Re: Problem changing offline folder target

    lol, it took me a sec to find it!

    well, gpo, yeah, sure…but, it’s only a handful of users; we’re not going to force everyone to redirect. like, in xp, it was simple: you right-clicked on ‘my docs’ and select ‘use default.’ it would unsync, bring everything back local, then you could repoint to wherever you wanted.

    in w7, i just cannot figure out how to make w7 forget the old target. i’ve already got the folders copied over, i just need to point to them. so…

    are you saying i can point these select clients (a new ou, of course) to a new location with policy? even if that’s the case, when i disabled syncing, it made the network share home for the docs, instead of the local drive. (grrr…microsoft!!!)

    it’s just so stupid and frustrating. it used to work, and it used to work simply. maybe this is how they bump up the quantity of $259 support calls…

    i know, i’m rambling. sorry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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