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    I am new to powershell script so please help me how to start and where can i get the documents and video.





    PowerShell is a very big area as it reaches across almost every Microsoft product and even (via add-ins like PowerCLI) non-Microsoft ones.

    There are no particular starting points, but a quick reference to :google: for PowerShell Tutorials would probably be a good place.    You may just want to use simple cmdlets and pipe them together, or you may want to go into scripting your own PowerShell programs and functions.      Once you have the basics, you can head off into, for example, managing AD, or HyperV, or SCCM….

    Michael Otey
    Michael Otey

    As Ossian pointed out there are a lot of good PowerShell resources on the Internet that you can find by googling. Two official Microsoft resources that are a good (and free) place to start are:

    Microsoft Docs: Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

    And the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)Course: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell

    The MVA course may be moving in the near future but the link should be active until 4/30/2019




    I would highly recommend the Month of Lunches book by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, pretty sure Jeffery writes for Petri. I’ve used it and found it invaluable for learning powershell.

    If you don’t want to purchase any books then learn by using. Add the following to your powershell profile and it will pop up with a different command that you can learn about.

    Get-Random -input (Get-Help about*) | Get-Help -ShowWindow

    Get-Command -Module Microsoft*,Cim*,PS*,ISE | Get-Random | Get-Help -ShowWindow

    Here’s the Petri link


    and the MVA


    PluralSight have videos if your learning method is based around that.

    But in all seriousness read the Lunches book and start using by automating some tasks that you do repetitively.

    An example i have is using plink to connect to a firewall and pull out the current tunnel statistics to make sure they are up.

    Another is using plink to connect to the firewall and backup to a location on my local system.

    Both use an external tool but are done in powershell.

    For a more powershell centric look at looping through your servers and getting the disks sizes of them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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