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    for those of you out there who run your own small businesses, or consulting firms, or whatever,

    How much PI/PL cover do you have? I’m struggling trying to work out exactly what I might need… I can start at 1M/1M and keep going up.. but I dunno if 1 is enough, or 5 is too much, etc.

    any thoughts ?


    I carry 1M worth of PI/PL. As an independent contractor with no employees and providing services to the small business community I’m comfortable that I have the coverage I need.


    A lot depends on which country you are in – there may be legal minima (UK is – I think – £1m of PL)


    I’m gonna grave dig this one. I think, as Joe and Ossian already said, it’s highly variable.

    I started off with 1/1 and moved to 3/3 and now 5/5 (although I get a “top up” so it’s 10/10 in reality)

    the cost differential though, is next to nothing really.


    What you really should be considering is what the expected impact of something going pear shaped is. Knock out the internet circuit for a small 2-3 person office for a day if they can work at home, isn’t as big a loss as if you consistently failed to monitor and test backups, then formatted a server by mistake and wiped out an entire company’s history.. those things have dramatically different cost impacts

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    1M to 1.5M is worth baby

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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