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    It’s a strange situation, sometimes I can’t login to my pc if there is a Wifi connection. I digit my password and I recieve an error of “invalid password” even if it’s correct. If I disable Wireless, I can login. Why????


    Are you using a Microsoft account? If so, has your password been updated across all the devices that use it?


    I’ve had this PC from my company. So I’m not sure about Microsoft Account. I nned to check it


    IF it is a company PC, it is probably on Active Directory, so is looking for a domain controller to authenticate against. Not sure why it fails to logon on WiFi, normally if a DC cannot be reached Windows fails over to cached credentials regardless of whether it is on a network or not


    Just a question. This WIFI is in another company WITH an Active Directory also. This could be caused a little bit of confusion to autentication process?


    Sorry for the confusion. How are you entering your username? Make sure you have the AD domain name in front of it: domainusername

    If not, the device assumes the machine name is the domain name, and AD will not, therefore, be authorised to authenticate it

    When you say ‘no wifi’ do you mean no network? Or, are you connected via Ethernet instead??


    It’s the standard login of windows 10
    There is my fullname (without domain) and under the name the passwordbox: if I try to connect to this (only this) network my pc doesn’t accept my password. If I try from hotel (with wifi) I’ve no problem

    I tried also with ethernet, but with the same result. I need to disable Wifi and disconnect cable. In this way I can login to my PC (then I enabled wifi and everything works)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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