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    I have been playing with VMware worksation/Server for a while now, we have a few Production servers and Development.

    We have a DL580 X4 Quad core Xeons, 16GB Ram with 16x 72GB sas drives.

    i am Planning to install ESXi 4.0 on this server, before i do im wondering what will be the optimal disk setup.

    i was thinking raid 1+0 with first 8 disks on controller 1

    and raid 1+0 on second set of 8 on controller 2

    i will be using about 6 Virtual machines

    i didnt want to create multiple raid 1+0’s to avoid limiting myself to space.

    is there any issue putting 3 VM machines on 1x Raid 1+0 config on 1st Raid controller card and another 3 on on the 2nd controller?

    Thanks in advance.


    Re: Optimal Disk Config

    If you were dead set on that device then yes, I would agree that would probably be the best solution. That allows you to use all 16 disks, split them across both channels of the controller to utilize the full capacity of the server.

    However, my only concern would be total disk space. I am not sure what your planning on using these VM’s for but that only gives you about 96GB total space for each server. Now that might not scare you now.. but remember when servers were coming preconfigured with only 12 and 16 gig os partitions.. I hate being stuck with small OS partitions.

    If it were me I would get a smaller server with the same CPU/Memory/performance stats with less HD bays and get an external RAID device, you’ll get a smarter RAID controller, more flexibility and the ability to expand if need be in the future.

    Just some food for thought


    Re: Optimal Disk Config

    Thanks for the advice ++

    I have some DL380 G5’s with similar stats, smaller memory, we just wanted to use the DL580 as its a beast and 1 Server will not fill its boots.

    The external raid controller or DAS is a very good idea that i will consider, at the moment im stuck with what ive got.

    most of the guests will be Linux machines, Squid proxy, Nagios, 1 however will be running LAMP with a 1GB Mysql database, and other a Windows File Server.

    Good thing about Virtual Machines is they can be moved around i guess, so i will go ahead for now.

    Thanks again for advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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