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    I have a situation that I have gotten myself into and need some help getting out!
    Some Background:
    I inherited a 2003 std server that was dying. That server was the DC of a poorly named domain that was named with a dot com extension. This caused problems with their web site (same domain name) that was hosted remotely. The users email at that time was through a POP3 server. We moved them to hosted exchange early on with no apparent problems there.

    The decision was made to replace the server and create a new domain name at the same time.
    This was done, a new 2008R2 std. server was installed and so far everything has gone smoothly in the server closet, but not so at the workstations.

    All users are on Windows 7 Professional. The users’ email is through hosted Exchange at a well known and respected vendor. Foolishly I went around to each client workstation and cheerfully took them out of the old domain and joined them to the new. I believed I would have no problems with their email. I had .PRF files for everyone so I thought re-configuring Outlook would just require importing the .PRF and entering their password… At first glance it seemed to work fine.

    I mistakenly thought that everything would be in the .OST files that Exchange would create in their profile including contacts, and autocomplete data.

    I guess that isn’t the case. Email works fine per se, but they do not have their old contacts or autocomplete ability. I searched their old profiles (usernameappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlook ) for addresses and NK2 files but apparently that isn’t where they are located. I replaced usernamecontacts with OldUsernamecontacts but that did not bring back their contact lists.

    I am in big trouble if I cannot get this resolved quickly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Re: No contacts or autocomplete after domain change

    What version of Outlook are they using – IIRC with Outlook 2010 the .nk2 file was replaced with the “Suggested Contacts”

    I suspect though, unless you can somehow get into the old mail profiles, you are out of luck


    Re: No contacts or autocomplete after domain change

    Thank you for your reply!

    Actually Ossian, some are on 2010 and others on 2013.. I can get back into their old profiles so maybe I can export everything to a .pst file and import it into their Exchange server profile?
    But that still wouldn’t cover the autocomplete feature would it? It seems, even when logged into their old profile there were many, many more items in autocomplete than in their contact list.


    Re: No contacts or autocomplete after domain change

    If the suggested contacts exists in their old profile, it’s a case of migrating that to the new suggested contacts. That provides the auto-complete. If they were using older versions of Outlook with an NK2 file, you can import this into Office 2010 and above. May not be the case for you as Exchange his externally Hosted but internal, remembered addresses sometimes break following a Domain change.

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