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    when executing the .wsf script below it popups a window that requires to click OK to continue…
    What will be appropriate way to suppress the notif and just go to execute… Please provide the right modif…

    Const WelcomeMessage1 = “You have inserted a Windows Deployment Disk/Drive.”
    Const WelcomeMessage2 = “Press OK to continue with this installation, otherwise Cancel.”

    Need it for tomorrow, cannot test it now. but may be some command should be entered (scripting is touchy :) especially with a lack of knowledge in the topic ).


    __________________________________________________ ________




    the solution was simple, suggested by my colleague…

    this script finally calls the script on the last line: oShell.Run “cscript.exe //nologo “”” & WScript.ScriptFullName & “..LiteTouch.vbs”””,,FALSE

    and it is LiteTouch.vbs

    that is… we bypass all messages and go straight to the script for the task


    Nice job mla. Well done! :beer:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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