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    [TD]We need to have a folder that is able to have a user write to the folder but not see the files after they have uploaded to the folder (blind drop). I am using Windows server 2012 R2. This was setup before however something has caused the permissions to fall off and now we cant seem to figure out how they were set prior. We use a generic account for FTP and need the account to only be able to drop files but not view the file after it has been dropped.[/TD]


    Haven’t had the need to do this myself but the fine people at the TechNet Forums have so sit back, grab your mouse, click the link and have a read. :smile:


    Thanks for the help. I am thinking that I need to have the correct share and NTFS permissions applied in order to get this to work. Just not confident on the correct combo.


    SOLVED —I was able to get this fixed by enabling Access-based Enumeration on the share. Permissions are set to List/folder, Read Attributes, create files/write data, create folders/append data


    I have problem same you. But I can’t fix it


    WHat have you tried, and what errors have you had?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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