need help to setup a personal public domain in my home

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    this is only for home lab,

    I have home lab, use it to practice,

    I want to publish some services to the Internet with domain name URL,

    My Internet connection is DSL 20 Mb with dynamic Public IP address, the modem supports port forwarding (will help to publish a service).

    so far, Dynamic DNS can help me, but I want to own that FQDN domain, because one of the practices I want to do is to setup my own CA Certificate for each service.

    is there a free way I can do it?

    if no, then what are the paid options for this case !?

    Note that I have no problem if I get sub-domain like


    You will need to own a suitable domain. There may be some free ones (use my friend :google: to advise you) but you will get service and support based on the cost (and of course “free” may change in the future). Personally I would look for a cheap domain from a reputable company – I use without problems for many years.

    Similarly there are some free certificate providers, but again I would pay a little for decent support.


    thank you for your reply,

    in your domain dashboard under DNS settings, can you map the domain name to a Dynamic DNS URL?, instead of mapping it to static IP address !!


    Again there are services (the last one I used, many years ago, was DynDNS) which provide the mapping to dynamic DNS addresses. Again, see what your ISP charges for a static address if you can


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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