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    I now have an arrangement which allows Internet access on a VPC VM over a USB modem (SpeedTouch 330) on the host machine. It uses ICS and MS Loopback Adapter to link the USB device to the VM. Host and VM use WinXP SP2. Now I want to provide for an external sharer over the hardware ethernet connector on the host, without interfering with the Internet access of the VM. I suspect I need to use either this or an additional loopback adapter. Trouble is, I can’t experiment, as it’s on a machine an hour’s drive away – need to go there with a ready solution. Anybody know what the trick is?
    Any help much appreciated.


    Re: multiple Internet sharers on ICS

    Get a cheap modem/router and connect it all together that way. The device should cost you less than $40 (I can get one here in OZ for AUD$20 ) and you can connect multiple users just by plugging them into a Switch. Hassle free Internet (and network) sharing in a Virtual environment.


    Re: multiple Internet sharers on ICS

    Thanks for the reply biggles77, but I’m doing this for a mate, who wants to keep his ST330 in play, as it comes as part of his ISP deal. Part of the setup uses ISDN over an analogue line (yes, I don’t see that either). I certainly don’t have that option with my Linksys WAG54G. I’ve already got the first bit cracked (getting through to a VPC VM from the SpeedTouch 330, via a loopback adapter). Microsoft refer to the possibility of adding more share users using the MS loopback adapter, but don’t tell us how to do it.
    Anyway, thanks again for trying.

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