Ms vs 2005 r2

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    I have a 2003 server and installed Virtual Server 2005 R2 … my goal is to install Sharepoint and learn Sharepoint development.

    I have never worked with VS and do not have any handy operation systems laying around to test an install of a brand new virtual machine…I was trying to see if I could cruise right thru to adding/installing/connecting to (not sure what you call it) to a .vhd file. I have downloaded a couple of vhd files one for Sharepoint and one for Exchange … I’m only trying to make SP work for now. I have created a VM (I think) … a couple things I noticed were that I could not set the network … it just does not seem to work … I have the dropdown box of options of which one is “Internal Network” … and I cna not choose this I try clicking the icon to Turn on the VM .. .but nothing seems to happen …

    I know this is very little info probably to ask for someone to troubleshoot … I’m a very fast learner … any info would be helpful to push me in a good direction to start .. even if I had a guide on creating a VM that was not as complicated … maybe create a VM and install a Linux OS to it …?? …. thank you for any advice.



    Re: Ms vs 2005 r2

    You’re right. This is too little info for us to work on.

    I suggest you read the product’s read me and documentation, focus on how to create virtual machines and how virtual networking works.

    Then, if you’ve still got questions, come back, and please ask them so that we can help.

    Finally, on your next post, make sure you pick a better topic for your next thread.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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