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    So I have been tasked to uninstall Office 2k3 in my environment. The goal is to remove all of Office from those who are using a license that don’t use this product and ultimately get of MS licenses in order and compliant.

    Now we have another program that, by default wants to access MS Office Picture Viewer to access .tif files so they can be printed off. I looks like this program can use any viewer, such as the standard one that come with XP so it is not that critical to keep Office Tools installed if there is not Office there to begin with.

    So my management wants me to leave the Office tools installed to avoid the removal of Office from “breaking” other things. I have said that even if I remove all of the Office components (Word, Excel, etc) that technically we would still be using a license key for Office. Is this a correct statement?

    I am think yes because the Office Tools are not a stand alone installable program and to legally access these tools, a valid product key is required; even if I was accessing and install the tools and only the tools.

    Can anyone back up my statement here or at least provide me with so other insight that I may not be looking at or considering?


    Re: MS Office Picture Viewer -Repost

    AFAIK the license covers all parts of Office but you would need to get an authoritative answer direct from Microsoft — agree that since you cannot install it without the product key you are under the license at that point.


    Re: MS Office Picture Viewer -Repost

    Thanks for the reply. I will contact MS and get the official answer, like you said.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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