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    Robert R.

    workstations: Windows XP Professional SP3 with MS Access 2007 SP2

    database: HelpDesk2000.mdb , on a network share

    Oracle client: 10.2.0

    authentication: some Oracle ID on a back-end server (I’m not going to pretend to even understand how the back end is set up)

    From some workstations, I can open the file HelpDesk2000.mdb, and run a query (specifically, for employee ID) without any problem. I am prompted for a username/password, enter my credentials, and everything works.

    On other workstations, I open the file, but when I try to run a query, I get a

    ODBC — call failed

    message without ever being prompted for credentials.

    When I click on the “Help” button, I get the following message:

    ODBC – call failed. (Error 3146)

    Using an ODBC connection, you tried to perform an operation on data in an ODBC data source. This error may occur when the ODBC data source is on a network drive and you are not connected to the network. Make sure the network is available, and then try the operation again.

    Because the .mdb file is on a network share, and I am able to open it (just not query it), I’m not sure why I would be getting an error about “not connected to the network.”

    From the workstations where I get this error message, I am able to test the connection from the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration, and it works.

    The TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA files in C:oracleproduct10.2.0client_1NETWORKADMIN are identical on all machines.

    I am able to successfully TNSPING the TNS Service Name on all workstations.

    Because it works on some workstations and not others, I have to belive that it is an issue with Microsoft Access.

    It appears — and I’m just guessing here — that MS Access on some workstations are passing a bad set of credentials.

    Any ideas why MS Access on some workstations, but not others, would request my credentials?

    Disclaimer: I have never used MS Access, in any version, so I am not familiar with it at all, or troubleshooting database issues in general.

    Robert R.

    Re: MS Access 2007: ODBC Call Failed

    UPDATE: Somebody in our office who used to do a lot of development in MS Access suggested moving the file HelpDesk2000.mdb to the local hard drive of the workstations where this is a problem, instead of opening it from a network share.

    Lo and behold, it worked — although nobody really understands why.

    Since the .mdb file references data that’s on a backend somewhere else, copying this file to local hard drives for each user does not affect the integrity of the data (something I did not know, which is why if this did occur to me during my troubleshooting, I wouldn’t have tried it).


    Re: MS Access 2007: ODBC Call Failed

    did it just suddenly start acting like that?

    I’d look at maybe some security patches that have been applied, affeting the way the network security models are working.. ?


    Re: MS Access 2007: ODBC Call Failed

    Anti virus scanning network traffic may be a culprit.

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