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    Hi All

    I’m trying to get alerting for exchange 2003 going with MOM 2005. There’s a bit of basic config info around but not much about this. Yes I have read the MS doco. I have a few prolems unfortunately. Happy to take answers to one and split them out if people want. In priority order:

    1. I don’t have any alert rules under my exchange 2003 subsection in the exchange management pack. Do u have to set these manually and if so how?

    2. Its a cluster with 2 exchange virtual servers – when I try and re-run the MP config wizard and add test mailboxes to evs1 and evs2 it tells me I can’t because it can’t contact the service controller on those machines. As far as i know the only thing that’s changed would be the usual patches.

    Its a bit urgent – much TIA all.


    Re: MOM 2005 Exchange MP Alerting

    To test I’ve:
    – created a computer group with my test exchange box in it
    – created a rule group
    – created a new alert rule in that group
    In that rule under criteria I’ve set it to match alerts in the exchange 2003
    – created a new notification group with my username and email

    Then I dismount the store on the test server. In the operator console it only shows as an information event. I would expect it to be an alert and notify me.


    Re: MOM 2005 Exchange MP Alerting

    Uninstall and Reinstall the Exchange 2003 Management Pack.
    Something has gone very wrong somewhere in that installation… :-)

    maybe you just installed the MSI and Forgot to import the MP ? :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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