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    I run the site at for our club. A site that publicises such sites claims it is not MOBILE though they still publicise it. Can anyone translate this nerdy expression Mobile, and tell me what it means in simple English please.


    It probably means the pages are (not in your case) optimised to a mobile-phone screen (orientation, size etc). Many sites offer two versions, one for mobiles, one for conventional displays (BBC News is a good example) and automatic redirection if your device is detected as mobile.


    Thanks.I seldom use my little Mobile I bought from Woolworths years ago. Since unlike many modern mobiles it is not connected to the Internet all the time,so unlike modern ones I do not have to recharge it every few days. In fact as I seldom switch it on I need not recharge it for weeks.

    My daft mobile mad family pester me to take my mobile out with me every time at my age of 85. I ask them to please explain how could I use a mobile when out and I need one hand for a walking stick and the other hand to carry something?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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