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    from http://blogs.msdn.com/mithund/archive/2008/02/19/dreamspark.aspx

    mithund wrote:

    I am very pleased to announce that Microsoft will be making its developer and designer tools available at no charge to college students in 10 countries around the world – in the first phase of the new Microsoft DreamSpark™ program. DreamSpark will be live as of Feb 19 in United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium. Additional country rollouts are planned throughout the year with full availability expected within 12 months. While this is initially an offer for university students, we might expand this on a broader basis. Watch this space for more information!

    Students will be able to download any of the following software products via Channel 8 (channel8.msdn.com) and will have to go through a quick online third party-driven authentication process to validate their student status. Once this is done, they will be able to download the software of their choice– one title or all. Here’s the current set of downloads…

    To sign up: https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com/

    I am currently a student (just started back actually) at a local university – a smaller institution, and naturally it was not listed when I went to sign up – however, I used the 3rd party verification tool, entered the requested info and it immediately verified me as being a student (kind of scary, actually, as I have only been enrolled for a month)….and I received my confirmation email that I could start downloading.



    Re: Mirosoft makes DreamSpark available to students

    The products currently included: (all provided in .ISO format except where noted)

    • Expression Studio
    • Sql Server 2005 Express (executable)
    • Sql Server Developer Edition (2 discs)
    • Virtual PC 2007 (executable)
    • Visual Basic 2005
    • Visual C++ 2005
    • Visual C# 2005
    • Visual J# 2005
    • Visual Studio 2008
    • Visual Web Developer 2005
    • Visual Studio 2005 Professional (2 discs)
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 (2 discs)
    • XNA Game Studio (executable)


    Re: Mirosoft makes DreamSpark available to students

    Isn’t available in Oz yet :-(

    I did however get a legit copy of MS Office 2007 Ultimate for AU$75

    go here


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