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    Hi, I have taken over the 2 company servers and need to migrate them as they are old and have issues.

    Both are used as file servers and hold a lot of data. So I intend to replace them with 2 new physical servers or maybe one with 2 VMs, but I think physical maybe better option.

    Server 1 is a SBS 2011 with about 600GB of file data all on the C: drive :-), Exchange is not used as they have IMAP/POP3 (this will be going to o365 or cloud hosted exchange). It is used as a fileserver/dhcp/dns.

    Server 2 Is running 2012 but looks like it was upgraded from SBS, it is used a file server and has about 400G of data on the C: drive, it also has DNS an is used as backup DC I assume.

    I plan to 2 new servers and add them as DCs, one will be used for dhcp and dns, I assume I can add the dhcp (disabled) and make it live when the old server is offline.

    Once data is moved from old servers to the 2 new ones or VM (though it’s a lot of data to hold on a VM) I assume I have to uninstall Exchange from the old SBS 2011 and run DCPROMO on the SBS 2011 and then turn it off?

    I will be backing up using the FREE Veeam Agent (great bit of software BTW)

    Am I missing anything re housekeeping or critical tasks?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice or direction.


    When migrating from SBS, I always consider a completely new domain, losing all the legacy carp from the old one. In your case, it is double the legacy stuff.
    Yes, you will have to join PCs to the new domain, and reset up permissions, but if you are only talking about a dozen or so users on each source domain, it will give you a chance to clear up everything in AD, GPOs, file structure etc.


    Thanks Ossian, I did think that might be the way to we have 118 domain computers (not sure yet if all valid) and about 90 odd users listed, I might just have to tidy up the current domain and then move?


    Question: With the proposed new servers on 2016 std would I be able to create a new domain with new user accounts and move users and their domained computers from 2011 sbs in say groups of five at a time to new domain from the exisiting domain until I have all the users on new domain, that way I could migrate the computers and users in a planned way. Would the old users be able to browse the old domain where the files are (would be prompted for un/pw I assume) or is this a no go? Thanks : -)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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